A boutique hotel - a choice for connoisseurs 


A boutique hotel can be defined as stylish, small and they are usually located in fashionable urban areas. Yet I would like to emphasise the quality, we've aimed to have it flowing through the hotel and strive to keep improving our guest experience.

When you read reviews some of guests highlight our consistent quality, pinpointing aspects such as:
•    Decor
•    Service
•    Cleanliness
•    Tasty breakfasts
•    Five-star experience at reasonable rates
•    Excellent coffee!

We are proud to have earned this reputation, it is our aim to give every guest a memorable experience. You deserve it.

I'm somewhat bemused when I'm cited as having a charming personality, but respect the fact that my name is above the door and this perhaps adds to the guest impression? However, I would argue that it is our bedrooms that have the most personality.

They don't follow a tacky theme and are the opposite of a chain hotel. 

Instead each had been sympathetically designed, restored and decorated to offer a space that enhances any stay. 

Colour choices are deliberate, soft furnishings are designed to enhance and furniture is antique, artisan and often very expensive. 

We want our guests to feel wowed and feel like they've stumbled upon a little treasure.

If you are considering booking, then please have my personal assurance that I will do everything in my power to make sure your stay is memorable for all the right reasons.

Believe me, as a hotelier there's nothing that gives me a greater pride then hearing that someone has booked Jolyons quality boutique hotel, because they've been inspired by its personality during their visit. Learning of a recommendation delights me every time.